iPulzer-WMS intelligent warehouse management system is a warehouse management system developed by Yingzhi based on bar code technology, RFID (radio frequency automatic identification) technology and modern warehouse lean management. Warehouse management realizes automatic management and can effectively manage warehouse process and space. , to achieve batch, item management, fast access, storage and dynamic inventory. Powerful system scalability and .NET-based development technology, easy to integrate with ERP, SCM, MES, OA, EIP and other information systems. iPulzer-WMS can easily build corresponding functional modules according to your needs, ultimately improve the utilization of enterprise warehouse storage space and the quality and efficiency of enterprise material management, reduce enterprise inventory costs, and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.

Functional Architecture


Through the data collection of ERP, MES, APS and other integrated systems, record and track all the links of materials in the internal logistics of the enterprise, and store, store, move, inventory, batch, pick, ship, and transport the inventory items. The operation is comprehensively controlled and managed, and the warehouse storage space is effectively utilized to improve the storage capacity of the warehouse.


Inbound And Outbound Process


The warehousing mode includes: raw material purchase and storage, raw material production returned to the warehouse, finished product production and storage, finished product return to the warehouse, transfer to the warehouse, use of the warehouse, other custom storage;


The outbound mode includes: production picking out of the warehouse, raw material returning out of the warehouse, finished product sales out of the warehouse, finished product rework out of the warehouse, transfer out of the warehouse, use the outbound, other custom out of the library;


The process can be configured, and each type of inbound and outbound can be configured with the corresponding system operation flow, and the data of each inbound and outbound database is verified to ensure the correctness of the data;


Visual display management through electronic signage and graphical display tools;


Support Mobile Office


With advanced viewing progress, support PC, mobile phone, tablet, real-time view of production progress


Seamlessly Interface With ERP


Smart Logistics

Deep integration with smart devices to provide a complete smart logistics solution


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