Provide a multi-level organizational design pattern to provide the most appropriate solution based on the characteristics of each enterprise architecture.


Realize organizational management and post management, and flexibly adjust and manage information such as organizational level and post level of each department.


Automatically generate organizational chart and post structure map according to organizational relationship, and save or export.


According to the historical architecture map, the change history of the organizational structure and post structure can be traced by time.


Attendance Management


Support a variety of shifts custom mode, provide night shifts and cross-day settings, to achieve different attendance calculation methods for different shifts.


Support online application and approval management of attendance services such as card replacement, leave, overtime, business trip, and transfer.


Provide a variety of attendance daily, monthly, annual reports and employee leave reports, according to employee or department statistics, attendance, late, early leave, leave, travel, overtime and other data.


Support attendance data and salary data docking, to achieve accurate and flexible calculation of attendance pay.

Training Management


Review training applications, develop training plans, manage training resources, arrange job courses, initiate training activities, and document training results.


Training resources can be established, such as training institutions, training instructors, etc.


Compulsory or elective courses can be set by department, post, or group.


The online training course can be linked to the test papers and automatically record whether the training passes according to the test results.

Performance Appraisal

Multi-module data docking

The evaluation results are automatically linked to other modules, and the assessment data provides support for talent selection, training, and salary distribution.

Flexible assessment settings

The evaluation cycle, evaluation items, and various evaluation weights can be set for different positions of the company, and the degree of customization is high.

Detailed evaluation feedback

Through a variety of charts and text analysis, feedback on the deficiencies in the work of employees, help improve the improvement.

Multi-device evaluation support

Employees can self-assess and view results through self-service platforms and mobile APP platforms.

Compensation Management


Natural description language salary formula designer

The so-called natural description language is the language we normally express. Users can design a formula that conforms to the salary calculation method of the enterprise without having to learn a complicated programming language.


Direct reference to data from other modules or external interface data

The calculation formula can directly refer to the data of the personnel basis, attendance, performance, training, dining consumption and other modules, and can also refer to the data of the external system by defining the salary interface.


Export bank, social security, tax returns and other formats

Documents that conform to the bank's electronic transfer format can be exported, and the payroll specialist or finance staff can directly deliver the exported electronic draft to the bank for timely payment of the salary.

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