Smart scheduling


Flexible planning production

Master production information and assist in flexible scheduling

Intelligent recommendation scheduling

Cloud computing recommended scheduling solution, intelligent optimization of production management

Master production progress in real time

Accurate to task, update order planning and production schedule in real time, visualize production data

Production Management


Visualize schedule scheduling and master production progress and exceptions in real time


Mobile scanning code to receive tasks, complete real-time reporting


Support on-site data kanban and remote monitoring, quality management


Quality Control


Customize multiple types of quality inspection programs to understand real-time quality inspection results in real time

Support walking quality inspection, the results are uploaded at any time; quality inspection report scan code binding production batch

Remotely monitor production quality and quickly trace quality sources



Process route and material combination control, more accurate, support multi-version history management.


The mobile side can view the information, drawings and documents of the routing maintenance at any time.


Support parallel processes to adapt to flexible site scheduling.

Material Management


View product inventory in real time, inbound and outbound record details


Scan code traces production history and batch of materials, locks the source of the problem and improves the manufacturing process


Show inventory fluctuations and inventory levels in real time, improving inventory utilization and turnaround efficiency


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