Consultant Services

Precision Consulting

Provide customers with lean solutions for professional systems, and train a group of lean backbones through expert training and hands-on coaching to build a lean culture, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and help customers build a lean production system that suits them.

Analytical Diagnosis

The consultant team of Innogetic Information Professional conducts professional diagnosis through on-site investigation of enterprise customer factory material flow, information flow and value flow, and tailors professional intelligent manufacturing transformation solutions for enterprises to help enterprises become informationized, digital and intelligent. factory.

Digital medical examination

Taking the leading enterprises in the industry as the benchmark, we will carry out the intelligent manufacturing upgrade experience for our customers, and help our customers to improve their own competitiveness with advanced technology to improve their own competitiveness and pursue a virtuous cycle of excellent performance.

Process Optimization

To provide customers with the technology and lean thinking of industry 4.0 and the concept of agile manufacturing, the traditional manufacturing industry from the receipt of materials to IQC inspection, warehousing, distribution, SMT production, group packaging and cost shipping closed-loop comprehensive process optimization service.


Our Team Of Consultants

Ability proceeds from a fusion of skills, knowledge, understanding and imagination, consolidated by experience.

Randiy Fang, Senior Consultant

Adhere to the core driving force of scientific and technological innovation and technological research and development, the driving force of sustainable development of quality, and the guarantee of excellent after-sales service, and adhere to the original intention of striving for excellence.

Henry Cheng, Senior Consultant

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With a team of 25 years of production management and technology research and development, the iPulzer product system helps companies build smart factories, realize smart manufacturing, and create smart companies.

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